Travis Mandel

University of Edinburgh School of Mathematics
Room 5401, James Clerk Maxwell Building
King's Buildings
Edinburgh, EH9 3JZ


About me: I am currently a postdoc at the University of Edinburgh, supported on Ben Davison's ERC grant. I was a postdoc at the University of Utah from July 2015-June 2018. I spent the 2014-2015 academic year as a postdoc at the Center for Quantum Geometry of Moduli Spaces (QGM) in Aarhus, Denmark. I earned my Ph.D. in math from UT Austin in May 2014, under the supervision of Sean Keel. I received a B.S. in math and physics from Tulane University in 2008.

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Research Interests

My interests include:

In other words, I am interested in the Gross-Siebert program (especially as it applies to cluster varieties) along with some new extensions and refinements of the program.


Also see my pages on arXiv, Google Scholar, and ResearchGate.



Notes from some talks I've given


I am not currently teaching, but here is a list of courses I have taught in the past:

At University of Utah:
  • Spring 2018: Calculus III (Math 2210-001). (Syllabus)
  • Fall 2017: Foundations of Analysis II (Math 3220-001). (Syllabus)
  • Spring 2017: Calculus III (2210-006). (Syllabus)
  • Fall 2016: Foundations of Analysis I (3210-001). (Syllabus)
  • Spring 2016: Calculus III (2210-003). (Syllabus)
  • Fall 2015: Calculus II (1220-004).

    At University of Aarhus (QGM):
  • Fall 2014: Graduate course on mirror symmetry and cluster algebras. Here are some (incomplete) notes meant to accompany that course.

    At University of Texas at Austin (teaching assistant and grader positions):
  • Spring 2014: Teaching assistant for Integral Calculus for Science (M 408S).
  • Fall 2013: Grading for Algebraic Structures (M 373K, 57500 and 57510) and for Curves and Surfaces (M 365G, 57475).
  • Summer 2012: Teaching assistant for Integral Calculus (M 408L).
  • Summer 2010: Grader for Linear Algebra and for Real Analysis.
  • Spring 2010 and Fall 2009: Supplemental instructor for Differential Calculus (M 408K).
  • Spring 2009 and Fall 2008: Teaching Assistant for Differential and Integral Calculus (M 408C).