To register for the 83rd PSSL, paste the form below into an email, fill it in, and send it to T.Leinster#maths,gla,ac,uk (with the obvious modifications).

Accommodation is in the Heritage Hotel (but don't rely on the map at that website), ten minutes' walk from the mathematics department, the Botanic Hotel (next door), and the Kelvin and Lomond hotels (across the road). A single room will be 32-39 pounds (46-56 euros) per night; a double will be 50-60 pounds (72-87 euros). If you have any special accommodation requirements, or if you would like help with finding a cheaper room, please let us know.

We now have a full-to-bursting schedule of talks, so it's not really possible to accept any more. Sorry.



University or other affiliation:

Would you like a hotel room booked?

Arrival date:

Departure date:

If you are not travelling alone, please specify how many people
will be in your party and what type of room(s) you would like
(single, twin or double).

The provisional plan is to go to an Indian restaurant on
Saturday night.  (Glasgow has won Curry Capital of Britain.)

Do you think you would like to come?

If so, would you bring anyone else?


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