Mathematics 4H: Galois Theory

Evariste Galois (25 Oct 1811-31 May 1832)

See the here for a detailed description of this course. Various documents (such as notes and problem sheets) will be made available here as and when they appear.

Lecture Notes

Other notes on the internet

This small sample was found using a Google search on `Galois Theory', producing in all 3,160 items in UK sites alone!

Lots of information can also be found through archives such as MathWorld and the Mathematical Atlas.

Some historical links related to this subject

Niels Henrik Abel (5 Aug 1802-6 April 1829)
Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss (30 April 1777-23 Feb 1855)
Joseph-Louis Lagrange (25 Jan 1736-10 April 1813)

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