Part III Category Theory

Michaelmas/Autumn/Fall 2000, 24 lectures


This is the main page for the Part III Category Theory course given in Cambridge in the academic year 2000-2001. All the documents produced for the course were placed here, and all of them apart from the synopsis are in the PostScript (.ps) format.

Here is the lecture synopsis and recommended reading list.

Here is an informal introduction to Category Theory (10 pages). The first two-thirds of this is a set of notes from the very first lecture.

What's the Yoneda Lemma all about? (9 pages)

A few more applications of the General Adjoint Functor Theorem, to add to the one given in lectures (one page).

Section E2: The Special Adjoint Functor Theorem (7 pages, examinable!).

Section F4: The Monadicity Theorem (10 pages, also examinable).

Problem sheets:

Sheet 1 (categories, functors, natural transformations & adjoints)
Sheet 2 (adjoints & representables)
Sheet 3 (limits)
Sheet 4 (the Adjoint Functor Theorems & monads)

Here is a sheet telling you roughly what background mathematical knowledge I'm going to assume you have when I'm setting the exam.

Here is a list of known mistakes in the lecture notes and problem sheets, last updated 9 December 2000. Please tell me about any more that you find.

And finally, the exam looked liked this.

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