Extremely short introduction to Beamer


Beamer is a Latex document class that allows you to make pdf files suitable for talks. It's what mathematicians use instead of PowerPoint.

Beamer's simple enough to use, but getting started might make you lose the will to live — the manual is 243 pages long. You might find it easier to inspect and adapt this very simple sample file.

It should be completely self-explanatory. Run Latex on it in the usual way and view the results as pdf.

My personal preference is for a minimal style: plain white background, no boxes, and no navigation symbols (those icons you often see at the bottom-right corner of people's slides). The sample file uses that style. If you don't like it, see the manual for how to change it.

Incidentally, the manual is quite well-written, despite its length. If you're going to do anything at all fancy with Beamer you'll probably want to use it.

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