About me

I am a Lecturer in Statistics and Data Science in the School of Mathematics, University of Edinburgh. My research interests are statistics and machine learning, particularly Bayesian nonparametrics, regression, density estimation, clustering, feature allocation, dimension reduction, Gaussian process based models, MCMC, variational inference, and MAP inference. Applications of interest include the study of Alzheimer’s disease based on neuroimaging, biological, and clinical data, among others.

Before joining the department, I was a Harrison Early Career Assistant Professor at the Department of Statistics, University of Warwick . I was a postdoctoral researcher in Machine Learning at Computational and Biological Learning Laboratory, University of Cambridge working with Prof. Zoubin Ghahramani on Bayesian nonparametric clustering and feature allocation. In January 2013, I earned my PhD in Statistics from the Department of Decision Sciences, Bocconi University in Milan, working on Bayesian nonparametric regression with Prof. Sonia Petrone and Prof. Stephen Walker.