List of publications:
5. Birational rigidity and alpha invariants of Fano varieties
Сo-authors: Ivan Cheltsov, Ziquan Zhuang
to appear in Shokurov 70 volume (Cambridge University Press), 2023
4. On the Rationality of Fano-Enriques Threefolds. [open access]
in Algebraic Geometry (Foundation Compositio Mathematica), 10(6):643-665, 2022
3. Equivariant pliability of the projective space. [open access]
Сo-author: Ivan Cheltsov
in Selecta Mathematica, 29(5):71, 2022
2. On linearization problems in the plane Cremona group, 2020
1. Toric G-Fano threefolds. [journal]
in International Journal of Mathematics, 33(05):2250034, 2022