Nicolas Loizou


PhD Student
Operational Research and Optimization Group
School of Mathematics
The University of Edinburgh

Contact info:
5622 James Clerk Maxwell Building
Peter Guthrie Tait Road, Edinburgh, EH9 3FD

About Me

UPDATE (August 2018) : Until mid of December, I am at Facebook AI Research in Montreal, Canada, doing an internship. I am working mainly with Dr. Mike Rabbat on topics related to Distributed Non-Convex Optimization Algorithms and Deep Learning.

I am a PhD student at The University of Edinburgh in School of Mathematics. More specifically I am a member of the Operational Research and Optimization Group (ERGO) under the supervision of Dr. Peter Richtarik.
Before I moved to Edinburgh I spent 4 beautiful years in Athens as undergraduate student in department of Mathematics at National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and 1 year as postgraduate student at Imperial College London where I obtained an MSc in Computing (Computational Management Science).

My research interests include (but are not limited to): Large Scale Optimization, Randomized numerical linear algebra, Machine Learning, Convex Analysis, Randomized and Distributed Algorithms

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