Bach Tran

Bach Le Tran

(Trần Lê Bách)

Personal Profile

Research Interests

I am working on toric varieties, particularly on Eisenbud-Goto-type problems and spending most of my time now on finding bounds for the $k$-normality and Castelnuovo-Mumford regularity of projective toric varieties. I am also interested in the syzygies of toric varieties, specifically $N_p$-property of (adjoint) line bundles on toric varieties. During my free time, I also think about the Oda's conjecture saying that every smooth lattice polytope is normal, but that is a long shot. My supervisor is Milena Hering. For more details, please take a look at my Research Statement. I am currently in the job market for a post-doc position.

Work Experience

Tutor at The University of Edinburgh

September 2014 - Present

I have been working as a tutor for some undergraduate courses at the University of Edinburgh. Some of the courses are Introduction to Linear Algebra, Calculus and Application, Proof and Problem Solving, Honour Algebra, Introduction to Number Theory.

Professional Skills

  • $\LaTeX$
  • Macaulay2
  • Magma
  • C
  • Python



Conferences, Seminars and Workshops Attended

Upcoming Events

Talks Given

  • A combinatorial bound for $k$-normality of very ample lattice polytopes, Ph.D. Talk

    Interactions with Lattice Polytopes, Magdeburgh, September 2017

  • On $k$-normality and Regularity of Normal Toric Varieties

    Toric Varieties Seminar, Loughborough, November 2017

  • On $k$-normality and Regularity of Normal Toric Varieties

    EDGE Seminar, Edinburgh, December 2017


University of Missouri, Columbia - 2010-2012

Bachelor of Science, Mathematics

University of Cambridge - 2013-2014

Master of Advanced Studies (Part III of the Tripod)

University of Edinburgh - Since 2014

Doctorate Candidate in Mathematics


I'm quite keen on table tennis and have played for the first team of the University for pass few years. I also play classical guitar. Here is a clip of me playing a Vietnamese folk song, arranged for classical guitar by Đặng Ngọc Long

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