Tom Avery

I am a PhD student at the University of Edinburgh, under the supervision of Tom Leinster. I am a member of the School of Mathematics and the Hodge Institute. My CV is here.


My research interests are in pure and applied category theory. I'm currently working on the interaction between category theory and measure theory, and in particular certain "measure monads".


Codensity and the Giry monad. arXiv:1410.4432, also Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra.

Category Theory Seminar

I am organising an informal category theory seminar in the School of Mathematics. This is a place for people to give and listen to informal talks about category theory, whether based on applications or pure theory. We meet at 6311 (JCMB) at 15:10 every Wednesday. The schedule for this semester is as follows:

07/10 - Tom Leinster - What is the spectrum, categorically?
14/10 - Chris Heunen - Spectra of rings
21/10 - Martti Karvonen - Frobenius monads
28/10 - Kevin Dunne - PROPs and their spectra
4/11 - Tom Avery - The Giry monad and codensity monads
11/11 - Matt Booth - Introduction to model categories
18/11 - Alessandro Slamitz - The magnitude of a finite-dimensional algebra
25/11 - NO SEMINAR
2/12 - Craig Robertson - TBA
2/12 - Bram Westerbaam - The category of Von Neumann algebras
9/12 - Federico Orsanigo - Homotopy type theory

This information can also be found here (only accessible to members of the Hodge Institute).

Kan Extension Seminar

I was a participant of the Kan Extension Seminar. As part of the seminar I wrote a blog post for the n-Category Café.



Room 5401,
James Clerk Maxwell Building,
Peter Guthrie Tait Road,
EH9 3FD.