Jenny August


I am a third year PhD student at the University of Edinburgh working with Michael Wemyss. Before this, I gained a BSc with Honours at the University of Edinburgh and a MASt from the University of Cambridge (Part III Mathematics).
My research involves studying finite dimensional algebras arising from geometry; in particular from the Homological Minimal Model Program developed by Michael Wemyss. This involves strong links with cluster tilting theory.

Contact Information

Room 5325
School of Mathematics
The University of Edinburgh
James Clerk Maxwell Building
The King's Buildings
Peter Guthrie Tait Road
United Kingdom

E-mail: Jenny.August@ ed dot ac dot uk


On the Finiteness of the Derived Equivalence Classes of some Stable Endomorphism Rings
The Tilting Theory of Contraction Algebras (arXiv version) (Updated version with small typos fixed)


May 2018 The Derived Equivalence Class of Contraction Algebras Glasgow Algebra Seminar, Glasgow
May 2018 Braid Relations, Hyperplane Arrangements and the Homological Minimal Model Program Groups, Generalisations and Applications Workshop, St Andrews
April 2018 The Derived Equivalence Class of Contraction Algebras UEA Pure Mathematics Seminar, Norwich
November 2017 Cluster Algebras Hodge Club, Edinburgh
November 2017 Abstract Algebra and Triangulations of Polygons Connections in Mathematics (an event aimed at undergraduate mathematicians), Edinburgh
October 2017 Derived Categories of Contraction Algebras Hodge Institute Work In Progress Seminar, Edinburgh
April 2017 Cluster Tilting Theory and the Homological Minimal Model Program ARTIN Early Careers Meeting, Edinburgh
April 2017 The Homological Minimal Model Program Hodge Club, Edinburgh
February 2017 Versal Deformations Reading Course on Deformation Theory, Edinburgh
October 2016 Introduction to Tilting Theory Hodge Club, Edinburgh
June 2016 Poster on "The Homological Minimal Model Program" Young Women in Representation Theory, Bonn, Germany
June 2016 Limit Yoga Ninja Workshop, Edinburgh
February 2016 Derived Categories and the Six Functor Formalism Working Seminar on Perverse Sheaves and Decomposition Theorem, Edinburgh
March 2016 Quantum Groups and Knot Invariants TFT Working Seminar, Edinburgh
November 2015 The Auslander McKay Correspondence Geometry Club, Edinburgh
September 2015 Introduction to Auslander-Reiten Theory Working Seminar on Finite Dimensional Algebras, Edinburgh


This is a list of conferences I have attended or am planning to attend.

August 2018 ICRA Prague
April 2018 ARTIN Early Careers Meeting Manchester
March 2018 ARTIN 52 Aberdeen
July 2017 Matrix Factorisations and Related Topics Edinburgh
June 2017 Linking Noncommutative Rings and Algebraic Geometry Edinburgh
May 2017 Idun 75 Trondheim, Norway
April 2017 ARTIN Early Careers Meeting Edinburgh
November 2016 ARTIN 49 Lancaster
September 2016 ARTIN 48 Newcastle
August 2016 International Conference on Representations of Algebras Syracuse, USA
June 2016 Young Women in Representation Theory Bonn, Germany
June 2016 Ninja Workshop on Category Theory Edinburgh
April 2016 British Algebraic Geometry Meeting Edinburgh
April 2016 ARTIN Early Careers Meeting Glasgow
November 2016 ARTIN 46 Glasgow


I am a tutor at the University of Edinburgh where I have tutored the following courses.

Spring 2018 Proofs and Problem Solving
Spring 2018 Fundamentals of Pure Mathematics
Autumn 2017 Accelerated Proofs and Problem Solving
Spring 2017 Honours Algebra
Spring 2017 Fundamentals of Pure Mathematics
Autumn 2016 Honours Analysis
Autumn 2016 Accelerated Proofs and Problem Solving
Autumn 2016 Maths for the Natural Sciences 1A
Spring 2016 Proofs and Problem Solving

Organisational Roles

In 2016-17, I was one of two Postgraduate Representatives in the School of Maths. This involved attending meetings within the school to put forward PhD students' views about their studies and tutoring, as well as organising regular social events including the department's Christmas Party.

In 2017-18, I am one of the co-organisers for the Glasgow Edinburgh Algebra Research Student seminar (GEARS) which is an informal meeting between algebra PhD students and postdocs from Edinburgh, Heriot-Watt, and Glasgow universities.