If you wish the join the group as a PhD student or a postdoc, read below about open positions and funding opportunities.

PhD Funding Opportunities

I am now looking for exceptionally gifted and strongly motivated people who would want to join my team as PhD students. You would be working with me on big data optimization algorithms and applications to interesting problems in fields such as data science, machine learning, engineering, operations research, finance, internet, physics and biology. If you are interested, apply to one or more (based on your interests) of the following three PhD Programmes with which I am affiliated (and also send me an email):

Further Postdoc Funding Opportunities

There are several other ways in which you can get a funded postdoc position to join my group. Here they are:

1) I have some postdoc positions open at KAUST. Contact me if interested to join my group. The conditions are highly competitive.

2) The University of Edinburgh is a founding partner of the Alan Turing Institute (ATI). The institute is funding a number of postdoctoral fellowships, with a starting date in Fall 2017. If you wish to work with me on exciting hot topics in the area of big data optimization & data science, do apply! Application deadline: December 2016.

3) Another way of joining my team is by writing a proposal for an EPSRC Postdoctoral Fellowship (contact me if you intend to do this). Should you get one, you will have your first grant in your academic career, which will make an enormous difference in your subsequent academic job applications! The funding is generous (you get to propose how much fund you need for the project!), and for up to three years. Needless to say, the scheme is very competitive, and writing a proposal is time consuming.

4) The School of Mathematics of the University of Edinburgh will support a number of applications for the Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship scheme. These positions are co-funded 50%-50% by the Leverhulme Trust and the School of Mathematics. This is a postdoctoral scheme open to candidates with a UK degree and/or working in the UK at the time of the application (viva needs to have been held between 10 March 2011 and 10 March 2015, unless in case of career interruption). The School of Mathematics will be running an internal selection process (deciding on whom to support) - the deadline for this is 25 January 2016. Applicants should email Dr Jill Douglas (Jill.Douglas@ed.ac.uk) a pdf copy of their online application form (on the Leverhulme Trust Grant Application System) by this date. Let me know if you plan to apply.

5) Yet another potential source of funding: Newton International Fellowships. Again, you would need to write a proposal.

If you are deadly serious about joining my team - consider applying to more to increase your chances.