Here are links to slides and/or video recordings of some of my talks.

  1. Hall algebras and Fukaya categories
    Joint Geometry Seminar (UCL/KCL London), November 2017, slides
    Triangle Topology Seminar (UNC/Duke/NCSU), October 2017, slides
    Colloquium at Cornell, September 2017, slides
  2. The Heisenberg category and elliptic Hall algebra,
    Cornell Lie Theory seminar, September 2017, slides
  3. Hall algebras and Fukaya categories, June 2017
    Quantum topology and categorified representation theory , video , slides
  4. Representations of the elliptic Hall algebra, June 2017
    Equivariant Combinatorics, slides
  5. Hecke algebras, the torus, and knots, June 2015
    Physics and mathematics of knot homologies , video , slides