Here is a list of events I am organizing or co-organizing:

Upcoming Events:

SIAM Conference on Optimization, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, May 26-29, 2020.
I am a member of the organizing committee.

Sparse Approximation and Sampling, The Alan Turing Institute, London, May/June 2019. 

ISMP 2018, Bordeaux, France, July 1-6, 2018.

I am co-organizing the stream 4.a Learning: Machine Learning, Big Data, Cloud Computing, and Huge-Scale Optimization. Stream organizers: Alexandre d’Aspremont, Olivier Beaumont, Peter Richtarik, Suvrit Sra

If you want to a propose a session within this stream, get in touch.

Past Events:

Optimization and Big Data 2018, KAUST, Thuwal, Saudi Arabia, February 5-8, 2018.
I am co-organzing this workshop with Marco Canini. Past editions of the event were held in Edinburgh, Scotland: OBD 2015, OBD 2013, OBD 2012. The 2018 event is funded by KAUST Office for Sponsored Research, and co-funded by the Alan Turing Institute.

IMA Numerical Linear Algebra and Optimization, Birmingham, September 7-9, 2016 (co-organizing 2 mini-symposia)

International Conference on Internet of Things and Big Data, Rome, Italy, April 23-25, 2016 (I am on the Program Committee)

Mathematical Perspectives on Big Data, Edinburgh, December 10-11, 2015

  • This is a joint meeting of the London Mathematical Society and the Edinburgh Mathematical Society, marking the end of the 150th anniversary celebrations of LMS.

Theoretical and Computational Approaches to Large Scale Inverse Problems, Alan Turing Institute Scoping Workshop, Edinburgh, December 2-4, 2015

Distributed Machine Learning and Optimization, Alan Turing Institute Scoping Workshop, Edinburgh, November 25-27, 2015

OR 2015, Vienna, September 1-4, 2015

  • I am putting together one invited session in the Continuous Optimization stream. Speakers and talk titles:

  • Alexander Gasnikov (Moscow): Addaptive sum randomization technique in network-applications

  • Myself (Edinburgh): SDNA: Stochastic Dual Newton Ascent for empirical risk minimization

  • Dominik Csiba (Edinburgh): Stochastic Dual Coordinate Ascent with Adaptive Probabilities

22nd Int. Symposium on Mathematical Programming (ISMP), Pittsburgh, July 12-17, 2015

  • I am putting together two invited sessions. The speakers and talk titles are:

  • Volkan Cevher (EPFL): Constrained convex minimization via model-based excessive gap

  • Jakub Konecny (Edinburgh): Distributed optimization with arbitrary local solvers

  • Zheng Qu (Edinburgh): Randomized dual coordinate ascent with arbitrary sampling

  • Audrey Repetti (University of Paris-Est): Convergence analysis of block-coordinate primal-dual algorithms with arbitrary random sampling

  • P.R. (Edinburgh): Stochastic dual Newton ascent for empirical risk minimization

  • Lin Xiao (Microsft): Communication-efficient distributed optimization of self-concordant empirical loss

13th EUROPT Workshop on Advances in Continuous Optimization, Edinburgh, July 8-10, 2015

  • I am a member of the programme committee.

  • Plenary Speakers: Sven Leyffer (Argonne), Lieven Vandenberghe (UCLA), Serge Gratton (CERFACS)

International Conference on Machine Learning, Lille, France, July 6-11, 2015

I am on the program committee.

Optimization and Big Data 2015, Edinburgh, May 6-8, 2015

  • Keynote speaker: Arkadi Nemirovski (Georgia Institute of Technology)

  • Following the success of two previous workshops which I established in 2012 and organized in 2012 and 2013, this is the third workshop in the series.

International BASP Frontiers Workshop 2015, Villars-sur-Ollon, Switzerland, January 25-30, 2015

Workshop: Numerical Algorithms and Intelligent Software, Edinburgh, December 5, 2014

  • I am co-organizing this event with James Maddison. 

IMA Numerical Linear Algebra and Optimization, Birmingham, September 3-5, 2014

  • I am co-organizing two minisymposia at this event:

  • 1. First-Order Methods and Big Data Optimization (with Z. Qu and J. Konecny)

  • Speakers: Coralia Cartis (Oxford), Quoc Tran Dinh (Lausanne), Francois Glineur (Louvain), Jakub Konecny (Edinburgh), Martin Jaggi (ETH Zurich), Simon Lacoste-Julien (INRIA / Ecole Normale Superieure), Zheng Qu (Edinburgh), Peter Richtarik (Edinburgh).

  • 2. Optimisation and Decomposition for Image Processing and Related Topics (with T. Valkonen and C. Schoenlieb)

  • Speakers: Olivier Fercoq (Edinburgh), Maria Hanel (University of Bayreuth), Andreas Hauptmann (University of Helsinki / AJAT Ltd), Andreas Langer (University of Graz), Thomas Pock (Technical University of Graz), Tuomo Valkonen (Escuela Politcnica Nacional de Quito).

SIAM Conference on Optimization, San Diego, California, May 19-22, 2014

4th International Conference on Continuous Optimization, Lisbon, Portugal, July 27-August 1, 2013

  • I am organizing the "Convex and nonsmooth optimization" cluster (with F. Glineur).

Optimization and Big Data, Edinburgh, May 1-3, 2013

INFORMS Annual Meeting, Phoenix, Arizona, October 14-17, 2012

  • I organized the session "Gradient methods for large-scale optimization" (programme)

  • Speakers: Peter Richtarik (Edinburgh), Oliver Devolder (Louvain), Martin Takac (Edinburgh), Guanghui Lan (Florida)

3rd IMA Conf. on Numerical Linear Algebra and Optimisation, Birmingham, September 10–12, 2012

  • I organized the minisymposium ''Gradient methods for large-scale optimization'' (programme)

  • Speakers: Raphael Hauser (Oxford), Guillaume Obozinski (INRIA/ENS), P. R. (Edinburgh), Michel Baes (ETH Zurich), Martin Takac (Edinburgh), Vinh Xuan Doan (Warwick), Rachael Tappenden (Edinburgh), Carola-Bibiane Schoenlieb (Cambridge)

21st ISMP, Berlin, Germany, August 19–24, 2012

  • I organized a session on "Coordinate descent methods"

  • Speakers: P.R. (Edinburgh), Martin Takac (Edinburgh), Rachael Tappenden (Edinburgh)

Advances in Large-Scale Optimization, Edinburgh, May 24–25, 2012

  • I am the organizer of this workshop.

  • Speakers: Yurii Nesterov (Louvain; keynote speaker), Mark Schmidt (INRIA), Peter Richtarik (Edinburgh), Alexandre D'Aspremont (Ecole Polytechnique), Jacek Gondzio (Edinburgh), Michal Kocvara (Birmingham), Coralia Cartis (Edinburgh), Nati Srebro (TTI Chicago)

24th Biennial Conference on Numerical Analysis, June 28–July 1, 2011

  • I have organized 2 minisymposia at this conference:

  • Minisymposium 1:"Optimization and Applications".
    Speakers: Olivier Devolder (Louvain-la-Neuve), Martin Takac (Edinburgh), Michal Kocvara (Birmingham)

  • Minisymposium 2: "Compressed Sensing: algorithms and theory".
    Speakers: Jeffrey Blanchard (Grinnell), P.R. (Edinburgh), Martin Lotz (Edinburgh), Andrew Thompson (Edinburgh)