Registration is Free

There is no registration fee: attendance at all talks, refreshments / lunch during the workshop and reception following the colloquium are provided free.


However, we kindly ask those wishing to attend to fill in the registration form as soon as possible to help us with planning. Please note that there is a limit on the number of participants of the workshop held in Informatics Forum (60 delegates).

Update 1: The workshop (DAY 1) is now full, we have reached the capacity of 60 participants! We are delighted with the overwhelming interest in this event! If you are not registered and want to come, do fill out the registration form, you will be put on a reserve list. If you are registered already but have changed your mind, please send a brief email to the contact email address, or register again and tick and fill out the 'other' text field, so that people on the reserve list can participate.


Update 2: Due to a few cancellations, all who filled out the registeration form by May 21st can participate in the workshop.

The capacity of the colloquium venue is much larger - you can still continue registering for any of the DAY 2 events (or you can simply show up)!

Workshop Participants (Registered as of May 21)

Iskander Aliev Cardiff U, Mathematics
Yusuf Aytar

University of Oxford, Engineering Science

Bubacarr Bah
U of Edinburgh, Mathematics
Alexander Banks-Watson U of Edinburgh, Mathematics
Euan Barlow U of Strathclyde, Engineering
Burak Buke U of Edinburgh, Mathematics
Waqquas Bukhsh U of Edinburgh, Mathematics
Coralia Cartis U of Edinburgh, Mathematics
Jessica Chen-Burger U of Edinburgh, Informatics
Anna Czajkowska U of Strathclyde
Alexandre D'Aspremont École Polytechnique
Paolo Favaro Heriot-Watt U, Engineering
Bartosz Filipecki U of Edinburgh, Mathematics
Roger Fletcher U of Dundee, Mathematics
Michelle Galea U of Edinburgh, Informatics
Cong Geng Nanyang Technological U
Jacek Gondzio U of Edinburgh, Mathematics
Pablo Gonzalez-Brevis U of Edinburgh, Mathematics
Ivan Grebenkin Heriot-Watt U, Engineering
Andreas Grothey U of Edinburgh, Mathematics
Cristóbal Guzmán Georgia Institute of Technology, Engineering
Morteza Haghighat Sefat Heriot-Watt U, Engineering
Julian Hall U of Edinburgh, Mathematics
Sophie Harland U of Edinburgh, GeoSciences
Shaun Kelly U of Edinburgh, Engineering
Michal Kočvara U of Birmingham, Mathematics
Anna Kononova Heriot-Watt U, Mathematics and CS
Ľubor Ladický University of Oxford, Engineering Science
Jan Lellmann U of Cambridge, Mathematics
Martin Lotz U of Edinburgh, Mathematics
Robert Luce TU Berlin, Mathematics
Duy V.N. Luong Imperial College London, Computing
Hassan Mahmud U of Edinburgh, Informatics
Jakub Mareček U of Edinburgh, Mathematics
Ken McKinnon U of Edinburgh, Mathematics
Mojtaba Moradi Heriot-Watt U, Engineering
Sean Moran U of Edinburgh, Informatics
Khafiz Muradov Heriot-Watt U, Engineering
Yurii Nesterov U catholique de Louvain, CORE
Tri-Dung Nguyen U of Southampton, Mathematics & Management
Peter Orchard U of Edinburgh, Informatics
Iliana Peneva U of Edinburgh, Mathematics
Houduo Qi U of Southampton, Mathematics
Peter Richtárik U of Edinburgh, Mathematics
Michael Sapienza Oxford Brookes U, Computing
Dmitry Savostyanov Russian Academy of Sciences, Mathematics
Mark Schmidt INRIA, Informatics
Tim Schulze U of Edinburgh, Mathematics
Sunando Sengupta Oxford Brookes U, Computing
Athina Spiliopoulou U of Edinburgh, Informatics
Nathan Srebro Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago
Paul Sturgess Oxford Brookes U, Computing
Martin Takáč U of Edinburgh, Mathematics
Jared Tanner U of Edinburgh, Mathematics
Rachael Tappenden U of Edinburgh, Mathematics
Vibhav Vineet Oxford Brookes U, Computing
Kristian Woodsend U of Edinburgh, Mathematics
Mehrdad Yaghoobi U of Edinburgh, Engineering
Yiming Yan U of Edinburgh, Mathematics
Faraj Zarej Heriot-Watt U, Engineering
Ziming Zhang Oxford Brookes U, Computing
Shuai Zheng Oxford Brookes U, Computing

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