Pieter Blue

Pieter Blue
B.Sc. 1999 (UBC), Ph.D. 2004 (Rutgers)
School of Mathematics
The University of Edinburgh
Maxwell Institute for Mathematical Sciences
James Clerk Maxwell Building
Peter Guthrie Tait Road
United Kingdom
Office: 4618 JCMB
TEL: +44 1316 50 5076


Interests: Relativity, Nonlinear Wave Equations, Partial Differential Equations.

I am a lecturer at the University of Edinburgh and jointly hired through the Maxwell Institute for Mathematical Sciences.

Preprints and papers



I used to organise the Minisympsia in partial differential equations.


All university of Edinburgh courses have their own page in Learn. Current courses will have lecture notes on those pages. Please email me if there are any errors.

All lecture materials are to enrolled students via Learn. Notes for the Hyperbolic PDE course are here.

While a postdoc at the University of Toronto and a graduate student at Rutgers, I taught several courses including General Relativity (for upper level undergraduates and graduate students), differential equations and linear algebra for engineers, vector calculus, and first-year calculus.

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