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Laboratoire de Mathéematiques Appliquées et Informatique


Wednesday the 24th to Friday the 26th March, 2010, inclusive.


Laboratoire de Mathéematiques Appliquées et Informatique,
Département de Mathématiques et Informatique,
Cadi Ayyad University,
BP549 Marrakech,

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Cadi Ayyad University.

Aims of Workshop

The workshop Nonlinear Guided Waves   is part of a series devoted to nonlinear optics and light localization.  Its main aims are to pinpoint the state-of-the-art and the recent advances in the field and to introduce non-specialist researchers in physics, engineering and applied mathematics to the required background and current research on nonlinear guided waves in soft matter, particularly in liquid crystals. It is anticipated that the workshop will lead to new scientific collaborations, including those between local and overseas researchers.


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€250, payable on site.

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