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I am a Reader in Statistics at the School of Mathematics, University of Edinburgh, and Director of the Centre for Statistics.

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Current areas of research (click here for more details).

1.      Theory of Bayesian inference (rate of contraction for adaptive Bayesian nonparametrics, Bernstein-von Mises theorem, inverse problems, nonregular models, Bayesian machine learning)

2.      Inference under model misspecification, including robust statistical inference (approximate models, machine learning, testing for mild model misspecifications)

3.      Sparse modelling of high dimensional data, with application to genomics data (single cell and bulk mRNA microarrays, proteomics, metabolic NMR spectra)

Current professional and editorial activities

Member of the Research Section of the Royal Statistical Society (2019-)

Member of the Program Committee of CMStatistics 2021, 2022, 2023.

Member of the Program Committee of Bayesian Nonparametric Conference (BNP) 2022

Associate editor of Bernoulli (2019-2021)

Member of Board of Directors of International Society for Bayesian Analysis (2017-2019)

Member of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics

Brief research statement

One of my research directions is Bayesian inference for nonregular statistical models, particularly where the unknown parameter is on the boundary of the parameter space. For such models, the MLE can be a sharp maximum point of the loglikelihood which changes the rate of concentration of the posterior distribution and the local concentration of the posterior distribution. This phenomenon can also occur for misspecified models. (Bochkina and Green, 2014)
My other area of interest is Bayesian inverse problems where the error distribution is not necessarily Gaussian and where the likelihood may not be regular. Such problems arise, for instance, in computerised tomography.
I am also working on wavelet nonparametric regression, including optimality of Bayesian wavelet estimators and the regularity properties of the prior model.
My other interest is Bayesian analysis of genomics data. My past work in this area included modelling differential expression for genomic, proteomic and metabolic data including mixture modelling and model checks, and currently I am working on recovering sparse gene, protein and metabolic networks from such data.

Brief CV.




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Book review

Bochkina N. (2006) Probabilistic Modeling in Bioinformatics and Medical Informatics by D. Husmeier, R. Dybowski and S. Roberts (eds) (book review). Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series A 169 (4), 1009-1010.


Bochkina N., Ritov Y. Sparse Empirical Bayes Analysis.

Bochkina N. Besov regularity of functions with sparse random wavelet coefficients. ( arxiv 0911.5482)


















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