Homological Interactions between Representation Theory and Singularity Theory

University of Edinburgh

December 15 (Monday) to December 19 (Friday), 2014

The aim of this workshop is to discuss recent progress in the areas of representation theory and singularity theory. The emphasis lies on the interactions between these fields expressed in the language of homological algebra -- in particular, using triangulated categories and related structures.

Location: All talks will take place in Lecture Theatre C of the James Clerk Maxwell Building (directions ). See also the following Conference Information Sheet .




Conference Picture


  • Roland Abuaf (Imperial)
  • Petter Andreas Bergh (Trondheim)
  • Raf Bocklandt (Amsterdam)
  • Ragnar-Olaf Buchweitz (Toronto)
  • Laurent Demonet (Nagoya)
  • Eleonore Faber (Toronto)
  • Martin Herschend (Uppsala)
  • Osamu Iyama (Nagoya)
  • Gustavo Jasso (Bonn)
  • Peter Jørgensen (Newcastle)
  • Frederik Marks (Stuttgart)
  • Vanessa Miemietz (East Anglia)
  • David Pauksztello (Manchester)
  • David Ploog (Bonn)
  • Chrysostomos Psaroudakis (Stuttgart)
  • Sibylle Schroll (Leicester)
  • Evgeny Shinder (Sheffield)
  • Louis de Thanhoffer de Völcsey (Hasselt)
  • Adam-Christiaan van Roosmalen (Prague)
  • Jorge Vitoria (Verona)


    We will arrange accomodation for all speakers.

    Funding: The funding deadline has passed.

    We gratefully acknowledge financial support by EPSRC Postdoctoral Fellowship EP/L017962/1.

    Organizers: Martin Kalck, Michael Wemyss.