Milena Hering

Milena Hering

School of Mathematics
Edinburgh University
School of Mathematics
The University of Edinburgh
James Clerk Maxwell Building
The King's Buildings
Mayfield Road
Scotland EH9 3JZ
Office: 5619
Tel: 0131 650 4886
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Research interests

Algebraic geometry and combinatorics; Toric varieties; Syzygies; Hilbert schemes.


Previous Teaching.

Publications and preprints

With Benjamin Nill and Hendrik Süß: Stability of tangent bundles on smooth toric Picard-rank-2 varieties and surfaces. arXiv:1910.08848 [math.AG].

With Jed Chou, Sam Payne, Rebecca Tramel, and Ben Whitney: Diagonal splittings of toric varieties and unimodularity. arXiv:1612.09208 [math.AG], Proc. Amer. Math. Soc. 146 (2018), no. 5, 1911-1920.

With Lara Bossinger, Xin Fang, Ghislain Fourier, and Martina Lanini: Toric degenerations of Gr(2,n) and Gr(3,6) via plabic graphs. arXiv:1612.03838 [math.CO], Ann. Comb. 22 (2018), no. 3, 491-512.

With Aldo Conca, Dan Edidin, and Cynthia Vinzant: An algebraic characterization of injectivity in phase retrieval. arXiv:1312.0158 [math.FA], Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis: Volume 38, Issue 2 (2015), Pages 346-356.

With Benjamin Howard: The ring of evenly weighted points on the projective line, arXiv:1211.3941 [math.AG], Mathematische Zeitschrift: Volume 277, Issue 3 (2014), Page 691-708.

With Diane Maclagan: The T-graph of a multigraded Hilbertscheme, arXiv:1110.1861 [math.AG], Experimental Mathematics, 21:3, 280-297. The accompanying Macaulay package is available here.

With Tristram Bogart, Christian Haase, Benjamin Lorenz, Benjamin Nill, Andreas Paffenholz, Guenter Rote, Francisco Santos, Hal Schenck: Few smooth d-polytopes with N lattice point, arXiv:1010.3887 [math.AG]. Israel J. Math., 207(1):301–329, 2015.

With José González, Sam Payne and Hendrik Süβ: Cox rings and pseudoeffective cones of projectivized toric vector bundles, arXiv:1009.5238 [math.AG], Algebra and Number Theory, Vol. 6 (2012), No. 5, 995‒1017.

With Mircea Mustaţă and Sam Payne: Positivity for toric vectorbundles, arXiv:0805.4035 [math.AG], Annales de l'Institut Fourier 60 (2010), fascicule 2, 607-640.

Multigraded regularity and the Koszul property, arXiv:0712.2251 [math.AG], Journal of Algebra 323 (2010), 1012-1017.

My Ph.D. thesis: Syzygies of toric varieties, University of Michigan, 2006.

With Hal Schenck and Greg Smith: Syzygies, multigraded regularity and toric varieties, arXiv:math/0502240 [math.AG], Compositio Math. 142 (2006), 1499-1506.

With Alex Küronya and Sam Payne: Asymptotic cohomological functions of toric divisors, arXiv:math/0501104 [math.AG], Advances in Mathematics, 207 (2006), no. 2, 634-645.

With Jean-Charles Faugere and Jeff Phan: The Membrane Inclusion Curvature Equations, in Advances in Applied Mathematics, 31 (2003), no. 4, 643--658.


Bach Tran

Will Reynolds


Facets of Algebraic Geometry.

BrAG, British Algebraic Geometry meeting, first installation September 22-24, 2014.

A small video about my research, see also Research in a Nutshell.

The Algebraic Geometry Northeastern Series: AGNES.

Maxwell Colloquium on Combinatorial Algebraic Geometry.

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