Milena Hering

Winter 2012: Algebraic Geometry II and Advanced Calculus II.

Fall 2011: Introduction to Geometry and Topology and Advanced Calculus.

Fall 2010: Math 2210: Applied Linear Algebra and Math 4210/5210: Abstract Algebra I.

Winter 2010: Math 2710: Transition to advanced mathematics and Math 3160: Probability.

Fall 2009: Math 5020: Introduction to Algebraic Geometry and Math 2110: Multivariable calculus.

Fall 2008: Math 1090: Business algebra at University of Utah.

I taught several classes of calculus 105, 115 and 116 at the University of Michigan.

In summer 2006, I taught Funktionentheorie (complex analysis) at the Freie Universität Berlin.