Milena Hering

Milena Hering

School of Mathematics
The University of Edinburgh
James Clerk Maxwell Building
The King's Buildings
Mayfield Road
Edinburgh EH9 3JZ
Office: 5619
Tel: 0131 650 4886

Research interests

Algebraic geometry and combinatorics; Toric varieties; Syzygies; Hilbert schemes. My research is supported by an Emmy Noether fellowship and an EPSRC fellowship Toric vector bundles: Stability, Cohomology, and Applications.

A (likely outdated) cv.

Publications and preprints


Bach Tran

Will Reynolds

Adrian Cook

Editorial work

I am an editor of Advances in Geometry.

“Facets of Algebraic Geometry” A Collection in Honor of William Fulton’s 80th Birthday. London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series 473, Volume 1 and 2.


Count me in Research experiences for UK undergraduates in algebra, geometry, and topology.

Facets of Algebraic Geometry.

BrAG, British Algebraic Geometry meeting, first installation September 22-24, 2014.

A small video about my research, see also Research in a Nutshell.

The Algebraic Geometry Northeastern Series: AGNES.

Maxwell Colloquium on Combinatorial Algebraic Geometry.

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