Maxwell Colloquium: Topological Fluid Dynamics      

12 th March 2014     

International Centre for Mathematical Sciences

Edinburgh, Scotland, UK 

John Gibbon -       Regimes of nonlinear depletion and regularity in the 3D Navier-Stokes equations
Gunnar Hornig-   Taylor Relaxation of Braided Magnetic Fields
Robert Kerr  -        Leray scaling in Navier-Stokes reconnection
Robert Krasny -   Vortex Flow Simulations by Lagrangian Particle Methods
Keith Moffatt -     Magnetic relaxation, current sheets, and structure formation in an extremely tenuous fluid mediumAbstracts.htmlAbstracts.htmlAbstracts.htmlAbstracts.htmlAbstracts.html
General Information

Contact organisers: Simon Malham & Michal Branicki


Understanding the topological structure of fluid flows is key for tackling many fundamental issues in fluid dynamics, including the possible finite time ‘blow-up’ in the incompressible three-dimensional Euler and Navier–Stokes equations. Recent theoretical, numerical and experimental research has highlighted the plethora of such coherent structures in real flows beyond vortex tubes and sheets, including vortex rings, trefoil vortex knots and fluid-fluid surface cusps.

This one day meeting brings together five experts in the area and aims to develop links to other areas of mathematics and  computational sciences in the hope to provide new insight and new approaches to the analysis of complex turbulent flows.