Matt Booth


I'm a PhD student at the University of Edinburgh, working under the supervision of Jon Pridham. My second supervisor is Ivan Cheltsov. I'm a member of the Geometry and Topology research group in the Hodge Institute. Before starting at Edinburgh in September 2015, I studied for an MMath at Merton College, Oxford.

Research-wise, I'm interested in derived algebraic geometry, interpreted broadly; particularly in the noncommutative sense, but I'm also interested in homotopy-theoretic ideas. My focus is on (derived, noncommutative) deformation theory, and currently with Michael Wemyss I'm thinking about derived analogues of the contraction algebra.

In January 2020, I will take up a postdoc with Wendy Lowen and Dmitry Kaledin at the University of Antwerp.

I used to organise the PG Colloquium and the Hodge Club. Outside of maths, I have been known to enjoy quiz.


My office is JCMB 5622. My email address is matt dot booth at ed dot ac dot uk.

Papers and preprints

I update the versions here more frequently than the ArXiv versions.

Conferences and workshops

I'm also a regular at the seminars EDGE, MAXIMALS, the Hodge Club, the Category Theory Seminar, GEARS, the Scottish Topology Seminar, ARTIN, and GLEN.

September 2019 The Geometry of Derived Categories, Liverpool
July 2019 Category Theory 2019, Edinburgh
June 2019 Workshop on Derived Categories, Moduli Spaces and Deformation Theory, Cetraro
May 2019 Homotopy meets homology, Dublin
April 2019 BrAG 4, Liverpool
December 2018 Finite dimensional algebras, homotopy theory, and geometry, Glasgow
November 2018 Young Perspectives in Deformation Theory, Turin
November 2018 Constructions and obstructions in birational geometry, Edinburgh
September 2018 Homotopy algebras, deformation theory and quantization , Bedlewo
June 2018 GAeL XXVI, Strasbourg
September 2017 BrAG 3, Cambridge
July 2017 Matrix factorisations and related topics, Edinburgh
July 2017 School on Deformation Theory, Turin
June 2017 GAeL XXV, Bath
June 2017 Linking noncommutative rings and algebraic geometry, Edinburgh
May 2017 Hausdorff School: Derived Noncommutative Geometry, Bonn
April 2017 Positivity in algebraic and complex geometry, Edinburgh
February 2017 Workshop on quantum fields, knots and integrable systems, Edinburgh
February20172CinC, Cardiff
August 2016 GAP XIV, Sheffield
July 2016 WARTHOG 2016, Eugene
June 2016 Hodge Day 2016, Edinburgh
June 2016 ECSTATIC 2, London
June 2016 Ninja Workshop on Category Theory, Edinburgh
May 2016 EMS Postgrad Meeting 2016, The Burn
May 2016 Motives and derived algebraic geometry, Essen
April 2016 BrAG 2, Edinburgh
April 2016 DeCaDE 2016, Edinburgh
November 2015 Derived Geometry, Oberwolfach


October 2019 Introduction to the derived category Reading group on Homological Mirror Symmetry by examples, Edinburgh Notes
June 2019 The derived contraction algebra Workshop on Derived Categories, Moduli Spaces and Deformation Theory, Cetraro
March 2019 Contraction algebras and noncommutative derived geometry Hodge Day 2019, Edinburgh
February 2019 Contraction algebras and noncommutative derived geometry Algebra Seminar, Glasgow
February 2019 An introduction to derived noncommutative geometry GEARS, Glasgow
January 2019 Contraction algebras and noncommutative derived geometry CALF, Warwick
January 2019 Deformation theory Postgraduate Forum, Lancaster
November 2018 Deformation theory JAWS, Warwick
November 2018 Deformation theory Hodge Club, Edinburgh
September 2018 Real analysis in reverse PG Colloquium, Edinburgh
June 2018 Threefold flops and the derived contraction algebra GAeL XXVI, Strasbourg Notes
February 2018 Flops and the (derived) contraction algebra Hodge Club, Edinburgh
January 2018 Hochschild homology Noncommutative Hodge theory seminar, Edinburgh Notes
November 2017 Derived contraction algebras Work in progress seminar, Edinburgh
October 2017 DGAs and A-infinity algebras Hodge Club, Edinburgh Notes
September 2017 Dissections: How to cut things up PG Colloquium, Edinburgh Slides
June 2017 DG-categories and derived categories Student homotopy theory seminar, Edinburgh
May 2017 Noncommutative deformations and surface autoequivalences Derived Categories working group, Edinburgh
March 2017 Threefold Flops and the Contraction Algebra Hodge Club, Edinburgh Notes
March 2017 Formal deformation theory (Sernesi, 2.1-2.3) Reading Course on Deformation Theory, Edinburgh
February 2017 Versal deformations Reading Course on Deformation Theory, Edinburgh Notes
February 2017 Deformation Theory and DGLAs GEARS, Glasgow Slides
January 2017 A polynomial that detects the consistency of set theory PG Colloquium, Edinburgh Slides
December 2016 An Introduction to Spectral Sequences [joint talk with Tim] Reading Seminar on Homological algebra, Edinburgh Notes
October 2016 Stable Homotopy Theory Hodge Club, Edinburgh Notes
June 2016 A problem in deformation theory Hodge Day 2016, Edinburgh
June 2016 Elementary (ha-ha) Aspects of Topos Theory Ninja Workshop on Category Theory, Edinburgh Notes
May 2016 Deformation Theory EMS Postgrad Meeting 2016, The Burn Slides
March 2016 Tropical Geometry PG Colloquium, Edinburgh
February 2016 Higher Categories, Complete Segal Spaces, and the Cobordism Hypothesis Working Seminar on Topological Field Theory, Edinburgh Notes
February 2016 t-structures and Perverse Sheaves Working Seminar on Perverse Sheaves and the Decomposition Theorem, Edinburgh
November 2015 An Introduction to Model Categories Category Theory Seminar, Edinburgh Notes
October 2015 An Introduction to Morita Theory SMSTC Working Seminar on Finite Dimensional Algebras, Edinburgh Notes


Things that aren't papers or notes/slides from talks.


2019-2020 Accelerated Proofs and Problem Solving, Geometry, Honours Analysis
2018-2019 Fundamentals of Pure Mathematics, Geometry, Honours Algebra, Honours Analysis, Honours Analysis Skills
2017-2018 Calculus and its Applications, Geometry, Honours Algebra, Honours Analysis
2016-2017 Calculus and its Applications, Geometry, Honours Analysis, MathsBase
2015-2016 Engineering Mathematics 1b, MathsBase