by eduardo ramos (madrid, october 2005)

Welcome to my official home page at the University of Edinburgh.

I am Professor of Geometric Physics in the School of Mathematics and my research centers around mathematical aspects of String Theory and Supersymmetry.

I am one of the founding members of the Edinburgh Mathematical Physics Group and member of the Maxwell and Tait institutes. Apparently I'm also associated to the Higgs centre.

If you need to get in touch with me, please browse the Contact area for contact information, including any absences I may have planned.

Prospective PhD students

I am receiving an ever increasing number of emails by students who are interested in doing a PhD either with me or in the research group that I belong to. Until recently I replied to every single one of these emails, but the number of emails is becoming so large that I will no longer do that. I apologise and thank you for your interest. The group's PhD supervision availability is described here under Postgraduate opportunities. If you are interested in any of the projects described there, I would urge you to apply following the links in that page. If you want to get an idea about what my research is about feel free to check out my recent papers. If you do wish to apply in the end and are worried about the research proposal part of the application, don't be. The research proposal is there for uniformity across the University. Whereas in the Humanities this is typically a very important part of the application, this is not the case in Mathematics. Just write a line or two about your research interests. Thank you.

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