Teaching activities

This section of the website contains links to material I have produced in the course of teaching to both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

It contains course notes, exercises and problems, project descriptions, and a couple of almost complete books.

I have many more notes which are hand-written and which I would like to be able to transcribe into TeX. If anyone knows of software which can achieve this, even if I have to tweak the end result, please let me know. (Thanks!)

The materials for any courses I might be currently teaching are presently trapped inside the university's VLE, access to which is at present restricted. [I think this is a shame.] The exception is the HTML version of Linear Algebra for Informatics, which was designed by 2mdc under a Special Project Grant.

I appreciate any and all feeback on the notes posted here. If you have any comments whatsoever, please do contact me.

CAMS (December 2002)

"I don't mind teaching; it's exams I can't stand."
— Me (periodically since 1999)