BUSSTEPP Lectures on Supersymmetry

Every summer PPARC funds the British Universities Summer School in Theoretical Elementary Particle Physics (BUSSTEPP), consisting of several lecture series on basic topics in theoretical particle physics understood in the broadest sense of the word; that is, including String Theory, Cosmology,...

In September 2000 I gave six introductory lectures on supersymmetry at the 30th BUSSTEPP, held in Oxford. A repeat performance was given a year later in Manchester at the 31st BUSSTEPP.

The purpose of the lectures was to introduce supersymmetry to Physics graduate students without any previous exposure to the subject; although I assumed familiarity with topics normally covered in a first year course in relativistic field theory.

In this webpage you can find the latest version of the notes, together with the exercises and tutorial problems. The solutions have not been typed up, but contributions are welcome!


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