Photographic Gallery

This site contains a growing collection of photographic images I have captured over the years, starting roughly in 1990. I owe my initiation into photography to Jenny Watson (née Mallett). (Thanks Jen, wherever you are!)

These images are here not because of their technical or artistic quality, but because URLs are easier on mailboxes than JPGs. The web pages themselves were automagically generated (for the digital photographs) with Sony's Picture Gear software which came conveniently bundled with my notebook. The web pages for the scans were generated with Google's Picasa2, with a slightly modified web template.

Photographs from 2000-2004 have been taken on a Sony Digital Camcorder either as stills or as frames in a DV film. Digital photographs from Summer 2004 onwards have been taken on a Canon Exilim Z40.

The older photographs have been scanned either from prints or from slides. The slides were scanned by Paul Weschler at DigitAlley, who provided a very efficient and economical service on my more than 1200 slides.

I put these images in the public domain under a license I'd like to call the Short Sharp Shocked Public License, a name derived from Michelle Shocked's eponymous album. In essence, I retain copyright of these images, but anyone who uses them is a friend of mine.



casa de las conchas (salamanca)


temple entrance (miyajima)