Loire (May 2005) [70 images]

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CIMG3554 CIMG3556 CIMG3558 CIMG3561
CIMG3565 CIMG3569 CIMG3571 CIMG3572
CIMG3577 CIMG3578 CIMG3586 CIMG3588
CIMG3600 CIMG3615 CIMG3622 CIMG3625
CIMG3628 CIMG3629 CIMG3630 CIMG3631
CIMG3632 CIMG3634 CIMG3653 CIMG3659
CIMG3660 CIMG3663 CIMG3664 CIMG3684
CIMG3685 CIMG3692 CIMG3697 CIMG3698
CIMG3707 CIMG3708 CIMG3709 CIMG3716
CIMG3725 CIMG3727 CIMG3730 CIMG3743
CIMG3745 CIMG3746 CIMG3752 CIMG3753
CIMG3754 CIMG3755 CIMG3756 CIMG3766
CIMG3788 CIMG3793 CIMG3795 CIMG3799
CIMG3803 CIMG3816 CIMG3817 CIMG3822
CIMG3824 CIMG3825 CIMG3828 CIMG3830
CIMG3832 CIMG3834 CIMG3835 CIMG3837
CIMG3841 CIMG3843 CIMG3844 CIMG3845
CIMG3846 CIMG3851

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