Analysis Group Members


Name Area Office
Jonas Azzam Geometric Measure Theory 4613
Pieter Blue Nonlinear PDE in General Relativity 4618
Nikolaos Bournaveas Nonlinear hyperbolic and kinetic differential equations 4614
Tony Carbery Harmonic Analysis 4622
Martin Dindos Linear and nonlinear elliptic and parabolic equations 4619
Istivan Gyongy Stochastic differential equations5612
Jonathan Hickman Harmonic Analysis5322
Aram KarakhanyanGeometric analysis and Nonlinear PDEs4616
Tadahiro (Choonghong) Oh Nonlinear PDEs and Harmonic Analysis4609
Jim WrightClassical harmonic analysis and its interactions with geometry and number theory4621

Honorary Professors

Sandy Davie Dynamical systems and stochastic analysis 5214
T. A. Gillespie Analysis and operator theory.5214
Allan M Sinclair Analysis and von Neumann algebras5214

Research Fellows

Robert FraserHarmonic Analysis5401
Philip HeywoodAnalysis5214
Tristan RobertNonlinear dispersive PDEs5603
Dimitrios RoxanasControl Theory, Statistical Estimation, Signal Processing, Data Science5605
Silouanos BrazitikosConvex Geometry5407


Jean BurnazyanGeometric Measure Theory
Andreia ChapoutoDispersive PDEs5213
Finlay Dupree-McIntyreHarmonic Analysis
Timothy EspinGeometric Analysis6311
Justin Forlano
John GreenHarmonic Analysis5422
Guopeng LiNonlinear Dispersive PDEs, Harmonic Analysis5213
Chris Horner
Matthew HydeGeometric Measure Theory
Felix James-KahnHarmonic Analysis
Aswin Govindan SheriHarmonic Analysis
William TrenberthStochastic analysis, probability, and PDEs5213
Zoe WyattGeneral relativity, differential geometry and PDEs4620
Michelle VillaGeometric Measure Theory
Rueben WheelerHarmonic Analysis