Reader in the Optimization and OR group in the School of Mathematics

Professional activities

My main research interest is in developing algorithmic and computational techniques for solving large scale linear programming (LP) problems on both serial and parallel computers. For many years this was focused on the revised simplex method but, recently, I have switched my attention to work which will lead to the development of novel algorithms. A consequential research interest is the application of these techniques in other areas of computational optimization and linear algebra.

In collaboration with current and former PhD students, Ivet Galabova, Michael Feldmeier and Qi Huangfu, I am managing the development of the high performance open-source software linear optimization software HiGHS.

My publication list and talks contain links to abstracts and pdf files of articles and slides.

Won four best paper prizes.

Received a Google Faculty Research Award for 2015

Member of the COIN-OR Foundation and Project Manager for its LP solver Clp

Organised the NATCOR Convex Optimization course in Edinburgh: 23-28 June 2014, 13-17 June 2016 and 4-8 June 2018

I teach linear programming and modelling using Xpress-MP

Brief autobiography

Born in 1964 in Macclesfield, England. Educated at King's School Macclesfield (1974-83), New College Oxford (Mathematics BA First Class 1987) and the [then] Department of Mathematics and Computer Science of the University of Dundee (PhD 1992, supervisor Prof. Roger Fletcher). Employed by the University of Dundee as a research assistant (1988-90) and then by the University of Edinburgh in the School of Mathematics as a lecturer (1990-date). I am married to Agnès Guyon and we have daughters Lucie and Katya.

Leisure activities

I used to go climbing but, with increasing age, am likely to return to peak-bagging. I still go running, and am a member of Penicuik Harriers.