Iain Grant Gordon


  • Category O for cyclotomic rational Cherednik algebras (jt. with I.Losev), to appear in J. Eur. Math. Soc., arXiv:1109.2315v1 (pdf)
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  • The Auslander-Gorenstein property for Z-algebras , (jt. with J.T.Stafford), arXiv:1302.6640, (pdf)  
  • O_e(G) is a free module over O(G), (jt. with K.A.Brown and J.T.Stafford).  (pdf)  

Incomplete Preprints

  • The real loci of Calogero-Moser spaces, representations of rational Cherednik algebras and the Shapiro conjecture (jt with E.Horozov and M.Yakimov). (pdf)
    There is a gap in the proof of Theorem 3.2, so this paper does not (yet) re-prove the Shapiro-Shapiro conjecture. The error is on p.11: the sentence "But this last algebra is semisimple..." is not correct. These algebras are semisimple generically, but there is a ramification locus over which they are not. This locus needs to be understood better. To my mind, the main content of the paper (due to Horozov and Yakimov) is the connection between reality problems in geometry and reality problems in quiver-style representation theory. This is correct, and is clearly the original inspiration for more recent works on connections between Calogero-Moser spaces and Gaudin systems.
  • The Gelfand-Kirillov conjecture for symplectic reflection algebras. (pdf)
    To my chagrin, Yuri Berest and Oleg Chalykh discovered the generators and relations given in 2.4 are not correct. Specifically the commutation relation (3) needs to be changed. I do not know how to do this in general, and so the preprint is incorrect. As Yuri and Oleg pointed out there is a partial fix for functions on curves. Corollary 6.3 is correct, however, and is used in a paper by Brown-Changtong.

PhD Thesis

  • Representation theory of quantised function algebras at roots of unity (dvi).



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