Past, present and future

If you’re interested in doing a PhD in representation theory in Edinburgh, contact me! To get an idea of some of the things I work on you can see a talk I gave in December 2006 in Durham to prospective UK PhD students. Much of my work is concerned with Cherednik Algebras and I have written a survey article and another. You should also check the 24 seminar, which is our weekly meeting for the representation theorists to get better educated.



Maurizio Martino wrote his thesis on “Symplectic reflection algebras and Poisson geometry” and graduatedin 2006. He had a predoc at the University of Reims, then a year-long Leverhulme postdoc position at the University of Cologne. He has had a Habilitationstelle at the University of Bonn from 2007.


Katrin Gehles wrote her thesis on “Properties of Cherednik Algebras and Graded Hecke Algebras” and graduated in 2006. She’s now working for the GLS bank in Bochum.


Richard Vale wrote his thesis on “Category O for the rational Cherednik algebra of the complex reflection group (Z/lZ)\wr S_n”, defending it in early 2007. He was a predoc the University of Freiburg and he is currently a HC Wang Assisstant Professor of mathematics at Cornell University.


Gwyn Bellamy started in October 2006 in Edinburgh. His thesis was on "Generalized Calogero-Moser spaces and rational Cherednik algebras". He visited Bonn for 5 months from October 2008, and the University of Chicago for 3 months as the Cecil King Travel Scholar of the London Mathematical Society. He graduated in 2010, and was a Leibniz fellow at Oberwolfach, then a post-doc at the MPI in Bonn for six months, and he is now a 3 year EPSRC post-doc in Manchester.


Gretar Amazeen started in October 2007 in Edinburgh.


Chris Spencer completed his thesis in August 2012 "On Harish-Chandra bimodules of rational Cherednik algebras at regular parameter values". He is now working for Zurich Insurance.


Josephine M E Waldhausen Gordon joined us on the 2nd of October 2008 in Edinburgh. She's developing well now and has started some joint projects with Frederick.


Rollo Jenkins started in September 2009 in Edinburgh.


Frederick G F A Waldhausen Gordon joined us on the 16th of August 2010 in Edinburgh. He's not too serious yet, but his joint work with Josephine is promising.


Joe Karmazyn started in September 2011 in Edinburgh.



Noah White started in September 2012 in Edinburgh.




Catharina Stroppel worked with me in Glasgow for two and a half years. She is now a professor at the University of Bonn, Germany.


Nicolas Guay was a Seggie Brown fellow at the University of Edinburgh, before taking a tenure track position at the University of Alberta, Canada.


Maria Chlouveraki (2009-2012) was an EPSRC post-doctoral fellow in Edinburgh. She is now permanently at the University of Versailles.


Stephen Griffeth (2009-2011) was an EPSRC research assistant in Edinburgh and is now a Professor at the University of Talca, Chile.


Teru Thomas (2009-2012) is the Seggie Brown fellow at the University of Edinburgh.


Will Donovan (2011-2013) was an EPSRC research assistant in Edinburgh and is now a postdoctoral fellow at Kavli IPMU, University of Tokyo.


Guillaume Pouchin (2011-2014) was an EPSRC Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Edinburgh..


Francois Petit (2011-2014) was an EPSRC Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Edinburgh, and is now a research fellow at the University of Luxembourg.


Adrien Brochier (2012-2013) was an EPSRC research assistant in Edinburgh, and is now a Whittaker fellow here.