Iain Grant Gordon

Smiley facesI am Professor of Mathematics and Head of School of the School of Mathematics at the University of Edinburgh. I am interested in representation theory and its applications and I am a member of the Edinburgh Hodge Institute, the collective of algebraists, geometers, number theorists and topologists here.

E-mail:igordon at ed dot ac dot uk
Telephone:+44 131 650 5062 (Direct)
+44 131 650 5085 (Secretary)
Address:Room 5321, School of Mathematics,
University of Edinburgh,
James Clerk Maxwell Building,
Peter Guthrie Tait Road,
Edinburgh, EH9 3FD,
United Kingdom.
Apart from being the world's first UNESCO City of Literature, having its Old and New Towns a World Heritage Site and being the home of David Hume, Adam Smith, James Clerk Maxwell, Dolly the Sheep and the Higgs' Boson, the only remarkable thing in Edinburgh is a volcano in the city centre. The city has incredible topography and is a cyclists' dream. Forget the flatlands; look here and here!
The group of post-docs and PhD students in Edinburgh that I am currently working with are: Adrien Brochier (Whittaker Fellow); Joe Karmazyn (PhD student); Noah White (PhD student).

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Go to the Edinburgh Hodge Institute or the School of Mathematics.

Chris Campbell (PhD student) Will Donovan (EPSRC Research Assistant); Francois Petit (EPSRC Research Assistant); Guillaume Pouchin (EPSRC Postdoctoral Research Fellow);