The Bethe Ansatz and Integrable Structures


Friday May 27-th and Saturday May 28-th, 2005

        This is a meeting of the Classical and Quantum Integrability seminar organised by the Universities of Glasgow,
        Leeds, Loughborough and the Edinburgh Mathematical Physics Group (Edinburgh and Heriot-Watt) .

         The meeting is partially funded by the London Mathematical Society. The Glasgow Mathematical Journal Trust
         is supporting the visit of Dr. Zabrodin who will be lecturing more widely in Scotland.

The focus of the meeting is "The Bethe Ansatz and Integrable Structures" and  the speakers have been asked to give overviews of their respective understanding of the subject. It is hoped that these talks will be intelligible to a wide audience.

           The talks will start at 2:00 pm on the Friday and end at 1:00 pm on the Saturday. 
           (For more details see the timetable.)


Patrick Dorey, Durham. 
T-Q and Schrödinger Equations.
Vladimir Korepin, Stonybrook.
Quantum Spin Chains and Riemann Zeta Function with Odd Arguments.
Christian Korff, Royal Society Research Fellow, City University.    
Representation Theoretic aspects of the Bethe Ansatz and Baxter's T-Q equation.
Evgeny K. Sklyanin, York.   
The Q operator as a discrete Bäcklund transformation.
Anton Zabrodin, ITEP, Moscow. 
Elliptic solutions to difference non-linear equations and related many-body problems
Robert Weston, Heriot-Watt.
Generic q: Infinite Dimensional Aspects.

       Location:    ICMS  14 India Street, Edinburgh.  (Maps and travel details are available from the site.)

       Local Organiser:     Harry Braden

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