Recent and not-so-recent talks

(updated 11/6/16)

1. Evolution of globular clusters (with emphasis on work carried out in CAMK) (9MB pdf), NCAC Anniversary Meeting, Warsaw, Poland, 9-10 June, 2016

2. Phase dependence of escape from star clusters on elliptic orbits (320kB pdf), MODEST15-S, Kobe, Japan, 7-11 November, 2015

3. Dynamics of star clusters on elliptical orbits - with emphasis on the rate of escape (320kB pdf), MODEST15, Concepción, Chile, 2-6 March, 2015

4. Gauss and the Supermassive Black Holes (2.4MB pdf), Colloquium, Institute for Astronomy, University of Edinburgh, 7 May, 2014

5. Two lectures on Numerical Astrophysics (2.2 MB pdf) to be given at TIARA Winter School TIARA-NTHU, January 18 - 22, 2011, Hsinchu, Taiwan

6. "Stellar Dynamics" (pdf,34kB; introductory talk on stellar dynamics and N-body codes, MODEST 7a, Split, Croatia, 28 August 2007)

7. "Black Holes in Globular Clusters" (pdf,2MB; Astronomy Colloquium, Jodrell Bank, 15 November 2006)

8. "Tides and Star Clusters" (pdf,1.3MB; Astronomy Colloquium, Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge, 26 January 2006)

9. "MOdelling DEnse STellar Systems - A Personal Survey" (pdf,2.6MB; talk at MODEST-6a, Lund, Sweden, 14 December 2005)

10. "Nonequilibrium Behaviour of Finite Gravitating Systems" (pdf,3MB; talk at 3rd 21COE Symposium: "Astrophysics as Interdisciplinary Science", Waseda University, Tokyo, 1 September 2005)

11. "Binaries: Formation, Hardening, Statistics" (pdf, 900kB; talks at Interacademiaal College Sterrenkunde 2005, Utrecht, 11 May 2005; 2 movies omitted)

12. "A Self-Scheduling N-Body Code" (Talk at Modest 4b, Amsterdam, 8 June 2004 Openoffice presentation [.sxi] file, 12KB)

13. "The Celestial Mechanics of Star Clusters" (Invited lecture, AAS Division of Dynamical Astronomy 35th Meeting, Cannes, 21 April 2004; Openoffice presentation [.sxi] file, 4.6MB)

14. "Computing the N-Body Problem" ( Guest lecture for the MSc in HPC, EPCC , 9/11/1)  PDF file (800kb)  (by kind permission of N.C. Hong)

15. "The Gravitational Million Body Problem" (Invited Review, IAU Symposium 208, Tokyo, 10/7/1) StarImpress .sdd file (1.2Mb)

16. "Proposed comparison for star cluster evolution" (Invited Talk, IAU Symposium 208, Tokyo, 11/7/1) StarImpress .sdd file (1Mb)

17. "How Star Clusters Lose Mass" (Seminar, NYU, 13 April 2001) Part a (pdf, 78kb) Part b (pdf, 823kb) Part c, (pdf, 392kb)

18. The Three-Body Orbit of Chenciner and Montgomery [pdf file:1.03Mb] University of Edinburgh, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Applied Mathematics Seminar, 15 May 2000. (The pages are back-to-front. The talk was given the right way round.)

19. Computing the Gravitational N-Body Problem [pdf file:1.0Mb] Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre Training and Education Centre Seminar, Edinburgh, 3 August 1999

20. Star Clusters and GRAPEs[pdf file: 2.5Mb] Petaflops workshop, Maxwell Institute. Edinburgh, 25 June 1999