Kyoto II

A Proposed Comparison for Star Cluster Evolution

    Talk  given at IAU Symposium 208 (Tokyo) on 11 July, 2001 (Staroffice .sdd file, 1MB)

    Following discussion at Tokyo, the specification of initial and boundary conditions has been narrowed down further.   Here is the provisional (2/8/1) list of initial conditions as a gzipped text file (1.3Mb).  Click here for an explanation of how these were created and tested. Format: each line contains the mass, three coordinates, and three velocity components. Units: solar masses, pc, km/s.

Also available is a starlab input snapshot (gzipped, 2.8Mb), to be used with 'cat kII_insnap_binaries|kira_harp3 -M 10174.272034 -R 6.59330619198891 -T 2.50751120818251 -z 1 -K 10 -t 3000.0 -d 1.0 -I 1.0 -u -G 1 -S -B...', or similar. The binaries are properly arranged in the tree structure required.

   See also the specification of  output, timetable, and partial calculations.   Updates on this are sent to those on the circulation list. Please let me know if you wish to be removed from this list.

Completed calculations