HOPDM is a modularly structured library of routines. The code is written in standard ANSI FORTRAN 77 so it is easily portable to any computer. Below the ready-to-use (source) versions for SUN and IBM machines are provided. Only minor changes are required (in makefile and in mytime.f routine that measures the elapsed time) to make HOPDM operational on any other platform, like e.g. HP, SGI, DEC or a Linux PC.

The version available here was updated till February 1996.

There are three possibilities to get the FORTRAN 77 source code of HOPDM.

  1. Get (compressed) hopdm.tar.Z immediately from here: a version for SUN a version for IBM Once you are done, execute the following commands: uncompress hopdm.tar.Z tar xvf hopdm.tar hopdm This should create a subdirectory hopdm in your current directory. Note that specs.tar contains 'specs' files for all Netlib tests. To unpack them, execute the following command: tar xvf specs.tar specs in hopdm directory.
  2. Connect as an anonymous ftp user to Netlib: ftp netlib.att.com name: anonymous password: your email address binary cd netlib/opt HOPDM is stored in hopdm.shar.Z
  3. Get HOPDM through ORSEP (Operations Research Software Exchange Program) in EJOR (European Journal of Operational Research).