Multilevel quasiseparable matrices in PDE-constrained optimization

Technical Report ERGO-11-021

J. Gondzio and P. Zhlobich

Abstract Optimization problems with constraints in the form of a partial differential equation arise frequently in the process of engineering design. The discretization of PDE-constrained optimization problems results in large-scale linear systems of saddle-point type. In this paper we propose and develop a novel approach to solving such systems by exploiting so-called quasiseparable matrices. One may think of a usual quasiseparable matrix as of a discrete analog of the Green's function of a one-dimensional differential operator. Nice feature of such matrices is that almost every algorithm which employs them has linear complexity. We extend the application of quasiseparable matrices to problems in higher dimensions. Namely, we construct a class of preconditioners which can be computed and applied at a linear computational cost. Their use with appropriate Krylov methods leads to algorithms of nearly linear complexity.

Key words: Saddle-point problems, PDE-constrained optimization, Preconditioning, Optimal control, Linear systems, Quasiseparable matrices.

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Written: December 28, 2011.
submitted for publication.