CfS Risk and Resilience Research Day


This research day, organised by the Centre for Statistics, is intended to bring together people from across the university around Risk and Resilience research topics. The aim is not to just have “show and tell” talks about our individual research, but to include overviews accessible to non-experts in the respective sub-fields, plus discussions around themes of interest for potential joint projects and grant proposals. Some seed funding for research proposals will be available after the meeting.


Noon–5pm Monday 15 April 2019


Room 5326, JCMB, Peter Guthrie Tait Road, The Kings Buildings


For catering purposes, please register your attendance at the Eventbrite page for the event.

Contact Finn Lindgren if you have any questions.


Indicative timeschedule, with discussion time after each talk:

  • 12:00–12:10 Arrival
  • 12:10–12:20 Introductions (Prof Finn Lindgren)
  • 12:20–12:45 Prof Gabi Hegerl: Extreme event attribution in climate change
  • 12:55–13:20 Dr Ioannis Papastathopoulos: Statistical modelling of multivariate extremes
  • 13:30–13:55 Prof Gordon Masterton: Infrastructure resilience - some challenges and opportunities
  • 14:05–14:30 Coffee break
  • 14:30–14:55 Dr Kate Crowley: Holistic Risk and Impact modelling Tools for Decision Makers
  • 15:05–15:30 Prof Jonathan Crook: Statistical models for credit risk
  • 15:40–16:05 Dr Mark Naylor: Some perspectives on disaster risk from GeoSciences
  • 16:05–17:00 Further discussions and planning

The presentation files are available via OneDrive from UoE accounts:
CfSRiskResilience2019 on OneDrive

Seed funding

A call for seed funding proposals will be made soon. Information about eligibility and proposal format is available on the Centre for Statistics website: