To do or not to do statistical significance testing

What In this informal reading/discussion group meeting Finn Lindgren, Chair of Statistics, will highlight some of the current arguments about whether statistical significance testing as a method in scientific practice should be abolished, what might take its place, and some practical implications for undergraduate statistics teaching programmes. Material will be mostly drawn from these sources: Amrhein, Greenland, McShane (and 800 signatories), 2019, Nature, Scientists rise up against statistical significance Wasserstein, Schirm, Lazar, 2019, The American Statistician, Moving to a World Beyond “p<0.

CfS Risk and Resilience Research Day

What This research day, organised by the Centre for Statistics, is intended to bring together people from across the university around Risk and Resilience research topics. The aim is not to just have “show and tell” talks about our individual research, but to include overviews accessible to non-experts in the respective sub-fields, plus discussions around themes of interest for potential joint projects and grant proposals. Some seed funding for research proposals will be available after the meeting.