David Siska

David Siska

I am a lecturer in the School of Mathematics with research interests in theoretical, computational and applied aspects of stochastic analysis and partial differential equations.

Contact Details

School of Mathematics, University of Edinburgh
Room 4611, JCMB, King's Buildings
Tel. 0131 651 9091
Email. d.siska@ed.ac.uk

PhD projects

Students interested in working on a PhD project (to start in September 2019) in the areas of:

  • stochastic partial differential equations,
  • non-linear partial differential equations,
  • stochastic control theory,
  • computational methods and applications of the above (in engineering, biology, finance, ...)
should contact me with informal enquires: d.siska@ed.ac.uk.

See the School PhD applications website for more details regarding applications. Funding is available either through the School or via the Maxwell Institute Graduate School in Analysis and Applications (MIGSAA).


Here are some events I am (or was) helping to organize.





Numerical Computation Output Examples