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MODEST Working Group 7:

kinkakuji The evolution of dense stellar systems is such a complicated problem that no exact solutions and few exact constraints are known. Therefore the reliability of simulations can best be checked by cross-validation. The aim of this working group is to compare results from different simulation methods on a small suite of well specified test problems. The results can be used to check that a new code is working correctly, or that approximate methods give results consistent with more elaborate methods.

Contact: Douglas Heggie

1.  The first collaborative experiment

Cluster simulation with no stellar evolution or primordial binaries.

2.  Kyoto II

Cluster simulation including stellar evolution and primordial binaries

3.  Popcorn: First Comparison Run

Evolution of a population of binaries (without dynamics).

4.  Report delivered at MODEST 3

(Openoffice .sxi file, 105kb). Presented at the meeting (July 2003) by Steve McMillan.

5.  Report delivered at MODEST 4

(Openoffice .sxi file, 3.7Mb).