Some reprints

  1. Heggie, D. C.; Mathieu, R. D. (1986) "Standardised Units and Time Scales", in The Use of Supercomputers in Stellar Dynamics, Proceedings of a Workshop Held at the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, USA, June 2-4, 1986. Lecture Notes in Physics, Vol. 267, edited by P. Hut and S. McMillan. Springer-Verlag, Berlin Heidelberg New York, 1986. See the page on on N-body units.
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  4. This has been reconstructed from the original TeX file (translated to LaTeX) and Fig.4, and scans of the published Figs.1-3. The pagination of this version differs slightly from the published version, but has the same total number of pages.
  5. Heggie D.C., 2000, "A New Outcome of Binary-Binary Scattering", MNRAS, 318, L61-63 (*pdf, 134Kb)
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A Translation of Ambartsumian (1937)

"On the Statistics of Double Stars" , V.A. Ambartsumian, translated from Astronomicheskii Zhurnal 14, 207 (1937) by D.W. Goldsmith (21 pages, 1.2MB). This translation appears here with the encouragement and kind permission of Don Goldsmith.