Update No.1: sent 27/7/1

        During IAU208 at Tokyo there was some discussion of the
specification of the model, and the result is summarised on the web
page http://www.maths.ed.ac.uk/people/douglas/kyotoII/kyotoII.html
Discussion on this is still open.

        I am working on creating a list of initial conditions.

Update No.2: sent 6/8/1

        I have now placed a provisional list of masses, coordinates
and velocities on the web page
I have also added links to a detailed description of how this was
generated, and what I have done to check it.

        If any of you have a little time to consider the matter,
please pay attention to the second last point on the page
http://www.maths.ed.ac.uk/~douglas/kyotoII/ic.html, where I analyse
the distribution of semi-major axes.  (There is a link to a plot of
this distribution further up the page.)  I am not quite convinced by
my explanation of the character of the distribution at very small
semi-major axis.

Update No.3: sent 3/9/1

I have altered the recommended output interval from 1Gyr to
0.5Gyr.  This follows results from an unconfirmed partial calculation
(inert binaries, no stellar evolution) which implied a considerably
shorter life for the cluster than anticipated.

        Please do not forget to inform me about your completed
calculations, so that they can be added to the table on the web page.

Update No.4: sent 5/2/2

       According to the timetable for this project, results of
completed calculations were to be put online in February 2002.  I have
now done this, using as much detail as each collaborator has sent me.

        The number of runs is still small, and the number of full runs
(without simplification) is smaller still.  I hope these results and
this e-mail will stimulate further work on this problem in the next
three or four months.