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The Institute of Theoretical Astronomy, Cambridge, Summer 1970
Front row from left: P.C.N. Vaugon, S.W. Hawking, M.J. Rees, F. Axisa, E.M. Burbidge, F. Hoyle, V.I. Trimble, G.R. Burbidge, G.P. Steigmann, R.F. O'Connell
Middle row: J. Bergeron, J. Audouze, J. Danziger, J.M. Sutton, S.J. Aarseth, W.B. McAdam, K. Fricke, J.V. Narlikar, N.C. Wickramasinghe, J.N. Islam, W.D. Arnett
Back row: D.C. Heggie, S.H. Plagemann, P.C.W. Davies, T. De Graaf, S. Bonometto, J.E. Felten, P.P. Eggleton, A.M. Wolfe, G. Setti, D.O. Gough
IAU Colloquium 41 at Trinity College, Cambridge, August 17-19 1976
Front row, from left: J. Schubart, P.J. Message, ?, ?, Sir J. Jeffreys, V. Szebehely, ?, B. Garfinkel, J.P. Vinti
Middle row: J. Hadjidemetriou, ?, ?, ?, ?,?, J. Chapront, ?, D.C. Heggie, ?,?, J. Henrard, ?
Back row: R. Dvorak, D.G. Bettis, J. Baumgardt, A. Deprit, H. Kinoshita, ?, J. Waldvogel, I. Waldvogel, ?, ?
Sverre Aarseth (Tokyo, 1999)
Josh Barnes at low resolution (Tokyo, 1999)
Christian Boily (Tokyo, 1999)
Mirek Giersz and family and Linda Heggie (Warsaw, 1998)
Mirek Giersz (Warsaw, 1998)
Piet Hut and Peter Teuben (Tokyo, 1999)
Ralf Klessen (Tokyo, 1999)
Eiichiro Kokubo (Tokyo, 1999)
Simon Portegies Zwart (Tokyo, 1999)
Rainer Spurzem (Tokyo, 1999)
Jun Makino (with Linda and Douglas), September 2002 (image: Sverre Aarseth)
(Clockwise from lower left): Shirehiro Nagataki, Yoshi Inoue, Shun Hozumi, DCH, Linda, Masa-aki Sakagami (July 2007)

The total eclipse of August 11 1999

Location was on Alderney, Channel Islands. Conditions were fairly cloudy, but about 30 seconds of totality was visible through a gap in the clouds. These two images were taken on 800 ASA film with a 600mm lens.
During late totality. Unfiltered. Exposure unrecorded. The camera was not well pointed or focused.
Partial phase. Mylar filter. Exposure unrecorded.
The following four hand-held images give a fair impression of the changing appearance of the sky around the time of totality. Image scale (on the clicked images) is about 14 pixels per degree; horizontal width is 640 pixels. Digital camera.
A few minutes before totality, in the direction of the sun. 1/30sec, f/8
During totality, looking north-north west. 1/4sec, f/2.4
Later in totality, looking south-south east. (Alderney was south of the central line of totality.) 1/4sec, f/2.4
At about the end of totality, in the direction of the sun. 1/4sec, f/2.4

The Leonid shower of November 18 1999

Two exposures between the period 0215 and 0245 on November 18, from Edinburgh. Film speed 800ASA, normal lens. Visually, meteors were seen at a rate exceeding 1 a minute, despite the thin cloud illuminated by city lights.
Two meteors, one at top left, the other just right of centre at the bottom of the frame. The two bright stars at the right are Gamma and Zeta Leonis. Exposure about 4 mins.
One meteor, at top left. The two bright stars at the right are Gamma and Zeta Leonis. Exposure about 6 mins.

The total lunar eclipse of January 9 2001

The following images were taken through a low-power eyepiece on an 8" Newtonian with a small digital camera. All show views in the partial phase after mid-eclipse. The arcs are (i) the edge of the telescope field, (ii) the lunar limb and (iii) the edge of the umbra.
An enhanced image showing part of the moon within the umbra
The following images were taken with a telephoto.

The transit of Mercury on 7 May 2003

This image was taken at about 0710 UT using a small refractor with eyepiece projection.

The Transit of Venus on 8 June 2004

This image used eyepiece projection with a finder scope. Location: Amsterdam.

Aurora Borealis on 21 January 2005

These images were taken around 2215 from Auldclune, Perthshire. 8s, 400ASA equivalent. Looking north-north west and west, respectively.

Partial Solar Eclipse on 3 October 2005

Taken with an Olympus C-720 with 8x zoom. Location: Edinburgh.

Total Solar Eclipse on 29 March 2006

Taken on 35mm film with a 900mm telephoto lens. Location: near Manavgat, Turkey.

The total phase
The partial phases Various exposures of the corona Second contact
A montage (623kb,pdf)


Comet McNaught January 2007

Comet Holmes

11 November 2007

Travels in Japan

Peace Park, Hiroshima

At Dogo Onsen, Shikoku