David Marsh, Computing Officer

How to find me

(Last updated, July 2020)

For all initial IT support requests, please go to the Maths IT Helpdesk, room JCMB 2313 contact Maths IT Support by email.

Please make an appointment if you need to visit me in person.

If you need to discuss a (non-support) matter with me (eg, web projects), please email to make an appointment to ensure that the time is suitable.

How to contact Maths IT Support

Support by email

Please send all new support requests to the support email address as this enables the Computing Officer who is on first-line support duty that day to initially handle the requests. You should only send support-related emails to our personal email addresses if you have been specifically asked to do so, in relation to a particular ongoing request.

Your support request is stored in the support tracking system, which allows progress towards resolving your problem to be recorded, and for your request to be passed between different IT staff if necessary, until we can resolve the problem for you.

The use of this system also avoids any unnecessary delays in responding to your request (if it were sent to me directly) if I am not present for any reason, such as being away at meetings, part-time working, holidays, illness, etc.

This insistence on following these procedures may seem somewhat bureaucratic, but it is because of these genuine reasons that this system exists.

NB: If you send a support enquiry to my personal email address, I will not forward it to support@maths before the end of the day, "as a learning experience". ;-P

If you have read this far, and have a genuine need to be able to email me personally, my email address is: D.Marsh at the University's domain. Note that I have zero tolerance for spammers.

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