My students past and present

blank One of the best things about doing mathematics is getting to work with highly motivated students. I have been involved in mentoring students in mathematics research at three different levels: advanced high school students, undergraduate, and graduate students. I am very proud of all of them!

Ph.D. students

I am currently supervising three Ph.D. students here in Edinburgh: Juliet Cooke and Tim Weelinck started in Fall 2015, and both are working on aspects of factorization homology. Anna Mrktchyan started in Fall 2016, and is jointly supervised by myself and Catharina Stroppel, at University of Bonn.

In addition to my own Ph.D students here in Edinburgh, I have worked with a handful of graduate students during my time at the University of Texas and at the University of Edinburgh, though I have learned at least as much from them as they from me!

Undergraduate students

I have mentored undergraduate research projects at the Summer Program in Undergraduate Research (SPUR) and Undergraduate Research OPportunities (UROP) program at MIT, an M.Math dissertation and through the London Mathematical Society Research Bursary program at the Univeristy of Edinburgh.

High School Students

I was a mentor at the Research Science Institute (RSI) and the Program for Research in Mathematics, Engineering and Science (PRIMES), at MIT. These were programs for bright high school students to conduct mathematics research in a rigorous and challenging environment.


I have been extremely lucky to have excellent research mentors at every stage of my education and early resarch. Arkady Vaintrob advised my undergraduate thesis, and taught me about representation theory and its interactions with low-dimensional topology. I did my Ph.D. under the expert guidance of Pavel Etingof, whose mathematical impact on me has been tremendous. Kobi Kremnizer served as an excellent informal second adviser to me, and in particular proposed my thesis problem. I was a post-doc with David Ben-Zvi, who was about the best post-doc mentor one could ask for!