blankI firmly believe that mathematicians, like all academics, exist in a society that supports their research, provides for their education, and ultimately can benefit from their insights. So I am an active supporter of mathematics outreach.

In Spring 2014, together with my colleague Julia Collins, student editors David Selby and Will Thwaites, and a team of undergraduate science reporters, we produced the mathematics outreach magazine, Contours for the School of Maths.

As an undergraduate, I made a series of four mathematical stained glass windows, which I denoted to the Department of Mathematics in honor of four faculty there - Frank Anderson, Dick Koch, Hal Sadofsky, and Kathleen Triguero -- who were instrumental in establishing "Hilbert Space", an undergraduate mathematics community. Here are some images.

I was a guest lecturer at Canada/USA Math Camp in 2013. I was a group leader at Saturday Morning Math Group, at the University of Texas. I taught several courses for youngsters at the Harvard Math Circle, in Boston.