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Resources associated with the workshop run by Heather Yorston and Des Higham

School of Mathematics , University of Edinburgh

    Interactive disease simulation model from the University of Graz
    An article about Euler and the bridges: The Truth About Konigsberg, by Brian Hopkins and Robin Wilson, The College Mathematics Journal, Vol. 35 (2004), pp. 198-207.
    Resources on disease modelling from University of Cambridge
    Material on graph theory from Mathigon
    Info (including a video) about Bloom's Whisper tool for analysing social media data
    Cleve's Corner article from 2002 on Google's PageRank algorithm: The World's Largest Matrix Computation
    An introductory article on Pagerank: The sleekest link algorithm, D. J. Higham and A. Taylor, The Institute of Mathematics and Its Applications (IMA) Mathematics Today, 39, 2003, 192-197.
    A couple of short videos: Milgram's small world experiment and Small world networks
    Khan Academy video on matrix multiplication (not just for use in graph theory)
    A group at University of Oxford explain how they Teach Network Science to Teenagers, Heather A. Harrington, M.B.D., M. Puck Rombach, Laura M. Keating, Mason A. Porter, Network Science Volume 1, pp 226-247 (2013)
    Info about Barabasi's network science book: Linked: How Everything Is Connected to Everything Else and What It Means for Business, Science, and Everyday Life Basic Books; Reissue edition 2014, ISBN-10: 0465085733
    Info about one of the many good university-level books on graph theory: Robin Wilson's Introduction to Graph Theory , Prentice Hall; 5th Edition(2010), ISBN-10: 027372889X, ISBN-13: 978-0273728894.
    Article about why your friends have more friends than you do (on average), written by Steven Strogatz.
    Some follow-up research.

Event on June 14th, 2017 was sponsored by The Royal Philosophical Society of Glasgow as part of the Glasgow Science Festival.

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